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Business Climate

  • Free trade agreement
  • Favorable legal framework
  • Tax advantages
  • Protection of investment ...


  • Renewable energy
  • Agriculture
  • Tourism
  • Logistics
  • Infrastructure


  • HR
  • Internal communication
  • Business strategy
  • Management by objectives

Mission statement

Our mission consists of effective and personalized guidance at all stages of our project. Plena consulting make the connection between investors and business opportunities in the local market.

  • Effective and personalized guidance
  • Business opportunities in the local market

Mission statement + Methodology = Results


We maintain total commitment to our clients and their interests, we listen to their needs and we use our skills, knowledge, contacts and experience of the country to offer them the best and most appropriate solution.

We guarantee the best results, following a specific methodology, which applies a meticulous process to achieve a professional outcome, In this way, we not achieve our goals, but we are confident of having done so to the highest standard.